Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diaper Disaster and Animal Heads on PJs

I always dreamed of becoming a mother. It was right up there with marrying prince charming. And I have to admit, like all other dreams, it's just not exactly how I dreamt it would be. Some things far surpass anything that I ever dreamt. Some things are harder than I ever thought possible, and yet... some things are more entertaining than you can even imagine.

I'm struggling with creating a routine for E to follow. So every work day, when daddy gets up at 6 AM, we ALL get up and start our day. Doesn't matter how many times we got up in the middle of the night, or when I last got her to go to sleep, 6 AM every work day, is the start of our morning! So this morning started, as all mornings do. With a sleepy daddy, a sleepy baby, and one exhausted mommy. We woke up a little more than usual this morning so that we could get dinner started in the slow cooker. Mommy chopping carrots and E cooing and laughing in her highchair while watching me in the kitchen. Daddy finished his coffee and off he went to work. At one point I looked over at her, and she was BRIGHT red. She'd been holding her breath. I think she was trying to poop. So no big deal. But when I went to scoop her up out of her highchair once I had finished getting dinner ready... imagine my shock to find her soaked. I rolled my eyes back in my head and thought to myself, "please let it be pee, please let it be pee." Well, you know how that story goes. It was NOT pee! So into the living room we go to strip down and, YEY, mommy finds out that the cats threw up on the carpet. Ok, now I have a poop covered baby and an icky carpet. GREAT! I peel all her clothes off, peel the diaper off, and just pick her up and dunk her in the bathtub. Sometimes, it's really just best to use soap and water. I threw the outfit in the garbage and called daddy to let him know about all the excitement since nobody else would be awake at 7:30 AM who would want to talk to me about poop! Imagine my annoyance to have daddy say he LOVED that outfit, and couldn't I wash it and get the poop out? So now mommy has to run to the basement to start a load of baby clothes JUST because daddy likes the little animal heads on the feet of the PJs she's wearing. And really, isn't it a little disturbing to put animal heads on the feet of PJs anyway?

Well that is the story of the day, the exploding diaper, and animal heads on PJs. Hopefully things will get better... they kind of have to right?? Until next time, may your diapers stay dry and your babies nap for a long time and really... who dropped the pacifier?

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