Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Baby Memo

I am fairly confident that there is a memo. Perhaps better characterized as an alarm, that when babies do something that otherwise makes all other babies look bad... a memo is issued, or an alarm is raised. Some may wonder where I am headed. Others can probably predict exactly where I am headed. Sleeping through the night. I am fairly certain that when E slept through the night last weekend, an alarm was issued, and a memo was sent. Well... she got the memo.

Friday night I mentioned it was the weekend and time for Daddy's night. Well Saturday night she woke up at about midnight and had a bottle, and went back to sleep. Really, it wasn't a bad night when all was said and done. She had gotten up only once, right in the middle of her night. Ok, maybe that meant Saturday would go well. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha! Last night she only got up twice, I mean, overall not a bad night. And Daddy got up again. But as I've mentioned, Mommy is a light sleeper. So every time E and Daddy got up, so did Mommy. And I was having trouble sleeping anyway, so Mommy really didn't get a lot of sleep. Oh well. Really. It wasn't all that bad I guess. But after last weekend, every night I am so holding out that she'll sleep through the night again.

After our day being cooped up inside yesterday, today we made an active attempt to get out of the house. So after E's morning nap we all bundled up and braved the weather. It was a piping 23 degrees outside. After a quick trip to Walmart... what a mad house as usual, we decided to pop in and see our family. E had not been over to visit them since she was born, although they have visited several times. So E got to see her cousins. Two boys, ages 3 and 5. They were as excited as could be to see her. And for the first time since her birth, I think they found her a little interesting. She was looking at them this time, and smiling, and cooing. They would make funny faces and try to make her laugh, and she would blow bubbles, chew on her hands, laugh and smile at them. They were having a great time. I can't wait until she gets older, it will definitely be a relationship that will bloom. As the boys get older and understand she is their baby cousin, I am sure the protective bond between them all will grow. I wanted to show Uncle and Auntie that E was rolling over now. So we lay her down on a blanket to do her show. But she spent a good 5 minutes just sitting there. (sure, make a liar out of me) She was far too entertained by her cousins. They were rolling around on the floor, rough housing and trying to show her what it looked like to roll over. She was so entertained by these other "small" people, that she wasn't interested in rolling over. Just laughing, smiling, and, did I mention chewing on her hands? She did finally roll over, and everyone cheered, and she looked a little amused. I rather imagine she thinks in her head "these poor people, they are so boring they need me to roll over for entertainment. Oh well. I guess I'll give them something to be happy about." It was a success. Everyone had a nice time. It was a short visit, but the first time I could really see what it would be like to be part of that family unit. We've always been close to Auntie and Uncle and the 2 cousins... but now we would be an Auntie and an Uncle and a Mom and a Dad. It's just somehow different.

So anyway, that about summed up our weekend. E didn't nap well today. So as with every other night, I'm holding my breath that tonight she'll miss the memo and sleep!

To all the Mommies and Daddies... if you find the memo, or hear the alarm, please shred it, or shut it off! And as all mommies and daddies wonder at one time or another... who dropped the pacifier?

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