Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Strange Cry

This post will be brief, but will likely give you some laughs. So last night was Monday, and as I mentioned last Monday Daddy will be MIA on Monday's for a few months. So I embarked on the bedtime routine alone once again. E was getting a little cranky as we approached 6:30 so I decided to put her down a little early. I have been pondering if this would help her sleep through the night better, as I have heard sometimes it works. Seems backwards, but I thought I would give it a try. So we went up a little after 6:30. Diaper change: Check. Swaddle: Check. Bottle: Check. Rock: Check. In the Crib Drowsy: Check. And I was back downstairs by 10 of 7. It seemed highly unlikely that this would work. It was to easy. And she'd only taken a couple ounces of her bottle. Every now and then I would hear a little moan, and that was it. She went to bed, and stayed asleep. 8 o'clock came, 9 o'clock came (daddy came home), 10 o'clock came. And then it happened. The strange cry.

At about 10:30, while Mommy and Daddy were catching up and getting ready for bed we heard the STRANGEST cry over the baby monitor. It took a minute for us to realize what we were hearing. It happened 3 times, LOUD as could be. And like I said: STRANGE. And then BOTH Mommy's and Daddy's eyes got HUGE.


We flipped on the video monitor, and got a small relief NOT to see him in the crib, but as loud as that cry was, we were rather certain he was in the nursery. Someplace, he KNOWS he is not allowed to go. As his cries ring out through the house, and clear as day over the baby monitor. E starts to toss and turn, whip her head back and forth.

Daddy RUNS through the house to the nursery and then tip toes through the room, looking under furniture and around corners to find where he was hiding. Finally, the guilty party was located behind the rocking chair. Daddy grabbed him and ran out of the nursery, closing the door behind him.

Back safely in the master bedroom, we again flipped on the baby monitor, contemplating having to kill the cat, we watched her toss, and turn, and whip her head from side to side. And then, she let out a really big sigh. And stopped. The crisis had been avoided. We did NOT have to kill the cat. So back to sleep E went. And Mommy and Daddy joined her.

In case anyone is wondering, E slept until 5 AM this morning. So it was a fabulous night. Maybe we'll try another early bedtime and see if she can repeat it.

I think that's enough laughs for this morning. Don't forget to keep the pets out! And as I ponder several times, every day now: "Who dropped the pacifier?"

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