Wednesday, February 23, 2011

while I'm on the subject

Talking. We are labeling things. By WE I mean E is labeling things. Daddy and I parade through the house like two idiots who have lost our minds. What is this? Can you say "cup"? I imagine E thinks she has the dumbest parents ever. They need constant reminding as to what basic objects are. Oh well, good thing we were blessed with a little genius.

After a particularly rough night I sat listening to Daddy show E some flash cards. They speed through a bunch of them, "ball", "cat", "shoe", "dog", "baby". When suddenly what can only be described as a conversation takes a turn for the "worse"

All the flash cards elicited a response of "shoe"...

Daddy looks at a picture of a "woman" and decides, well, she was WEARING shoes... but had no good explanation for the sheep. except perhaps it should wear shoes... alas our little genius was done... and for the rest of time when a word is unknown, it will always be... a... SHOE
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