Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daddy's and Baby's

Men think about children differently than Women.  That is in NO way to belittle what men provide to the dynamic.  In fact, it is largely this dynamic that keeps me going from day to day.  So to this end in mind, I share with you as follows:

E decided this morning that she was going to get off our bed.  Both Daddy and I think this is a bad idea, laregely given that it's a 4 ft drop!  But we watch her do it anyways, because, I mean, someday she'll have to perfect her landing right?
Anyway - Off E Slides, and we see the last of her curly mop head disappear over the edge of the bed (don't worry, feet first desent), and as the last curl vanishes, we hear a long fart... followed by a soft thud. And E gets up and walks away.

Now, aside from the obvious about this situation being funny, Daddy then contributes his male perspective to the situation...

As Daddy stands in front of his closet, and E marches past, out the door, clutching her Binky, off on some early morning Mission, Daddy looks at E.  And E looks at Daddy.  Then...  Daddy says:
"What was that? Your jet pack?"

==============  INSERT LAUGHTER HERE =================

Yup.  Men just think about children differently.

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  1. Men just think differently about everything..... having lived with 4 sons and a husband, I consider my self somewhat of an expert on that topic! And I"m not saying that their thought process is necessarily wrong... just different! (Although sometimes the things they think about are just nuts!!!)